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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just a few words...

Brennen is finally starting to talk, so I get excited when he says anything. Here are just a few words he's learned the past couple of weeks. Personally, I think he has always been able to talk he just refused to. He is a bit confused on a few things, this I blame on myself. For instance, when you ask him to say please he sticks his tongue out at you and if you say something like "Do you want a bottle?" he shakes his head no when really he means yes, and if you tell him to ask nicely he says 'mamadada' one word. The poor nursery leaders aren't going to know what the heck is going on with this kid.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tag Again

I hope you people aren't sick of this tag, I am pretty funny but I don't want to bore you either.

10 years ago... I was 15 wishing I was 16 probably in love with Jason Ball HAHA!! 15 you're in high school so... I was a sophmore. Ohhh the good old days of drama and acne.

5 things on my to do list-
~More patience
~Hook up the bike attachment so me and B can play outside
~Decorate my house (any help people?)
~Start exercising again, my baby is going to be obese if I don't start doing something and lay off the sweets

5 snacks I enjoy-
~I just mentioned sweets right?? I have a major problem, I am a Hutchison
~Yellow corn tortilla chips with salsa or nacho cheese, yummy!! But they have to be yellow no white chips
~baby carrots
~slushies, snow cones, anything to that nature ohhhh Kirt's drive-inn's GLASIERS!!!
~Soft pretzels with cheese and mustard (this is a pregnant thing... I think they all are!)

5 places I've lived-
Pleasant View!
21st and Taylor in Ogden
23rd in Ogden

What would I do with a billion dollars-
I would definately sing the Bare Naked Ladies song. (sing) If I had a million dollars I'd buy you a monkey!! Haven't you always wanted a MONKEY!! (You know that song right?)
I would spend it all!! Ok not all of it but most of it. Kurt would never just quite his job so we could always depend on him for income and the billion would be fun trips and toys and no house payment and parents no house payment and college funds and toys.... If I died and there was still some left I would consider myself a failure in life. JK

5 jobs I've had-
Papa Murphys (me and Holly Gross) and I hated it and it lasted 2 weeks I think
Jerry's Nursery- I got so buff from that job. Those flatts of flowers are heavy
Cragun DDS-until he passed away
WSU-homework job
Quizno's-Melissa Hubbards dad started it up in Layton and I loved the food.

5 things you don't know about me-
Well you all know I am crazy so...
~I have an organizational OCD. Even my messes have order!! For example, when I do the dishes all the spoons have to go into one container forks, knives, etc. They cannot mix unless they are categorized as MISC.
~I have 3 grey hairs that grow on the top of my head, I am ashamed to say but I do. I believe it all started when I married my husband.
~I HATE when people say "Guess how many" or anything to that nature. I DON'T KNOW JUST TELL ME!!!
~I love rings! I have 2 really nice ones that Kurt bought me. My wedding ring and my right hand ring but I like to switch it up all the time. But I don't wear any other jewelry. Necklaces drive me nuts, bracelets make my hands feel dirty and I don't wear earrings anymore because I think I overdid it in High School with 5 in each ear.
~I am a slight germaphob. I have to wash my hands all the time (hence no bracelets but oddly rings are ok) and they get so dry so I put on lotion but then they feel sweaty so I have to rinse them off. I am so messed up, I know I have way to many problems to list.

I tag anyone who hasn't done this, Michelle?