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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hutchison Cousins Photoshoot

So we decided to get some pictures of the grandkids, so I set up a makeshift studio at my house we wanted to save on some dough. I wish we would've had better lighting but whatev, I still think they turned out cute and with a little work from my friend Photoshop I think we can make it adorable!

Here is Brennen wanting his picture taken with his sword, and not ready at all for the pictures. BOYS!!!

This is my favorite group one, Bennett had to hold a spray bottle in his hand or he would freak out but I was able to blur it out. I need to take some classes or something on how to position the children this was the best Christy, Marie, and Me could come up with seeing as we needed to prop up Eden. I'm working on it.

Ever as usual loved Eden to death and wanted to kiss and hug her the whole time so we of course had to get some of the girls. The bottom one cracks me up you know poor Eden is thinking, 'Just give me my dang binki!!' Oh my little helper.
Isn't she just sweet!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Some family snapshots

So this year, like most, we are a little low on funds and when I wanted to get our pictures taken for a Christmas Card we enlisted my sister Tracy. We went for a drive to our cabin in Huntsville because there is always beautiful colors up there. Sidenote:this was awhile ago, I am a slacker.... This last family one is my favortite background and as you can see SATAN came out in full force, apparently she was done having pictures. Have I mentioned she came by this name honestly and for good reason.
I thought this picture was so cute other than my poor children and their pasty skin. She also didn't get any of that mexican gene we Hutchison's so proudly brag about having. Brennen didn't get an individual picture because he would rather swing, go figure.

Proud parent moment. My children getting along... Ever LOVES to hold Brennen's hand it's just we can't get Brennen to love it back!! They were very cute.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Hoopla

I had to wait for my sisters to post things on Halloween cause I didn't take out my camera!! So I totally stole these from Marie's blog... This is my dad with the chicklets of Thursday for the ward Trunk or Treat, Brennen insisted on being a baseball player with my dad, even though you can't tell cause, well let's face it, my children are naughty!! Ever was a lion cub with a bow so they would know she was a girl. It was Brennen's costume a few years back, we like to recycle. Is Eden not hilarious as a baseball? That was Ever costumes last year, but it was an egg to Brennen's chicken which is what Bennett is wearing. Seriously, good thing I was around that night or no kids would have had a costume. I didn't want to bust out the hoopla costumes because it had to be great for the party!!
Here's the group at the Hoopla we had honorary members drive all the way up from St. George to be with us!! They were the fairy clan, very cute!!! Christy was a bun in the oven because she's prego and Bennett was a rolling pin. Marie and Tracy were the blue man group, scared the children. My aunt Jilene ROCKED the place as a bunny!! Oh man she was funny. Natalie was UP! Complete with the dangling old man and boy. And last but not least....

Meet Grelda and Gwen Gnome!! Brennen was Gus and was the funniest one but refused to wear his complete ensemble. He cost us the win I believe!!

The Howlypics were hilarious once again and we got good recordings this time!! I will have to post them once I steal them from my mother. It all turned out great!! Now I know some of you are jealous and would like to join next year so here is your invite!! The more the merrier it makes the Howlypics that much more fun. There are however a few mandatory items. #1. You have to be willing to embarrass yourself. #2. Costumes are a must!!! #3. Eating is also a must!! See you all next year!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Wanna know what's sweet?

Watching your husband outside pull a Michael Jordan move from out of his back pocket and do a running LEAP into the air to save his little girls rogue balloon~ White men can jump people... :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Let's play catch up!

My old man turned 50 this past month so we of course had to have a bash, but what's a bash without a theme. We chose John Denver. If you know my father you wouldn't have picked anything else. He doesn't know I saw this but when my father watched the news on the tragic death of Mr. Denver I saw tears. True story. Anyway he has a deep love, to him they are on a first name basis, a bromance if you will. Here was our main play on lyrics (if you will) we did this throughout the party. If you can't see it it says, You're not over the hill you're Rocky Mountain High! LOL oh man we're clever!!
This is the shirt we designed, 'To his Rocky Mountain Highness'
And this is the back of the shirt! LOL oh man seriously!!
This is the cake Tracy and Christy decorated, can you saw Awesome!
Mr. Denver serenading my dad on the mountain top, do you just love the eagle bringing in the banner? ~Tracy...HOLLA
This is his basket of gifts, it too has the main play on lyrics. Marie made the mountains out of of course cardboard. The balloons are supposed to be clouds (I did what I could with Marie's vision since she was in the hospital with a newborn) Anyway each gift was the start of a John Denver song and ended with us teasing my dad with all his funny quarks. For example, Aye Calypso I Sing To Your Spirit...with great breath and his present was mints. Or, On The Road Again...and on time and his present was a watch because he goes by what we call Todd time and it isn't the same as the rest of the world. But don't tell him that he is very punctual....
And then I made him a very moving video all about him accompanied by John Denver music and a few other of his favorites. In the end it was a great party. I think us kids had more fun making it all up....some people really don't get John Denver WEIRD. I guess I don't understand since I grew up to it blaring through my house! Love ya dad!!
On another note we went to the dinosaur park and Brennen LOVED it!! This was a cute picture from the event.
And finally, my mom bought this shirt because it reminded her of Ever....

Why would she think that?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

1 + 2 = 3!!

Here she is!! Miss Eden Rae Rose!! She was born early this morning at around 3:15 am. Weighs 6 lbs 12 oz and is 18 1/2 in long!
Here are the proud parents Les and Marie. Marie did this al natural (say it with a french accent). And me and Tracy hovered outside her door until we heard Eden cry, this experience also confirmed to me that I NEVER want to go al natural!! I guess that makes me not as hard core as I thought, but I don't care. Wahoo Marie!
The dream team with little Rae Ray!! Her middle name comes from her Grandma Rose and daddy!
Proud Pa

Brennen picked out this frog just for little Eden and wanted to give it to her. He was hesitant at first but when we left he cried for her, so funny

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Every time I have driven down Wall there are always people taking pictures in front of this old building that has lots of garage doors on the front and Christy said she wanted to get some pictures of Bennett for his 2nd birthday. The last time I tried to get pictures my daughter faced planted it so we decided to give it a go. These were some of my favorites.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Being AWESOME is exhausting!

So we had a VERY busy weekend. Saturday we woke up and went down to Antelope Island to the Kite Festival. When we got there the kids all made their own kites. This is Ever flying hers. I seriously didn't even think she would get it or care but she colored hers and was the one who had the best time flying it. It was so windy! Good for kite flying bad for hair!

They had these races called, bull races and you attached a kite to your waist and had to run against the wind and whoever won got a kite. I totally lost to my sister-in-law Stephanie and she had bronchitis!! Either I'm pathetic or Stephanie is awesome... I think it's both

Brennen said he wanted to climb up this wall, so we got him all hooked up...

and this is as far as he got. He got scared so the nice guy pulled him up a little bit and spun him in circles. He was a happy guy.

I should have known he would have trouble, he was scratching his butt from the very beginning.

They also went for a horse ride, Brennen didn't want to until he saw Ever get on with Stephanie then I think he didn't want to be shown up, they loved it. My mother-in-law rocks she paid for everything, which is so nice because we wouldn't have been able to do all the stuff we did without her.

Now to my awesomeness!!
We decided to celebrate Brennen's birthday Labor Day weekend because this Friday (Brennen's birthday) we are going camping, and my dad is doing LotoJa! Brennen had picked the bug cupcakes a week before for his birthday and then Me and Christy decided to have a dino party but I still had to do the bugs, of course, so we made them for the Wilson side.
Exhibit A: Me hard at work!
Exhibit B: My hard work!
The finial project! I think they turned out pretty cute!
These mini cupcakes were for the girls, but Ever ate like 5 of them so she might as well have had a regular cupcake.
Brennen liked them too.
Exhibit C: Dinos!

I am quite proud of the turn out, I made them up myself.

My mom was also very busy making this Raptor watermelon that I found online!

Then I found this idea in a book of mine, you take Plaster of Paris, Vermiculite, and water and mix them in equal parts. Pour into a container and drop in your dinos and let it harden for 30 minutes. And the kids become regular paleontologists and have to dig them up. But me and Christy put a little twist on it and we made the boys search for their dino eggs (they were more cups because we used a cupcake tin...Meh) and then they got to dig them up. I know I know, we're AWESOME!!!

We also had a pinata. I don't think Brennen will ever like a party with lots of kids because he got to beat this dino to death and only had to take turns with Bennett.

My brother-in-law got this slide at a yard sale for only $20! The kids loved it!!

Brennen got so spoiled by my parents!! They bought these little boys presents like it was Christmas! I am tempted to hide half of them and give them at Christmas to save some money!! This was his big present, a scooter!! He has wanted one of these for a long time, well a long time in three year old terms!! Thanks 1 pa & dramma!!!