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Thursday, November 13, 2008

November so far...

Big Brother Training!

This is 'baby' (that's what B named him) and he changes her diaper everyday.

She has to wear Ever's diaper. Then he puts her to bed.

Ever's 4 months old!!



after!!! And my Boston cream pie, eclair cake (but if you ask Marie SINCLAIR cake hehe!)

Brennen just doing some chores! Our backyard is ridiculous!!

A good big brother!

Monday, November 3, 2008

October Update (in no particular order)

So I wanted to update you because I am a slacker, but there have been some fun events this month I want to dedicated just to them. For example, our 2nd annual Hutchison Halloween Hoopla, I honestly haven't laughed that hard in (I'm going to say it years!) and our trip to Moab. But I want to get all the other pictures from family so it will be coming soon. So until then here's a little tidbit of our month!
*FYI My first race EVER (and not my daughter) is this Saturday, the Gobbler Gallop, it's a 5k. Anyone who wants to join I would love to have you. Let me know!!

She just gets cuter and cuter, Natalie says she could be an elf from LOR Christy says she's a siamese cat! They mean it in a loving way of course. What do you think?

My chicken and egg, I was a farmer but that is a later post!! (Trust me it'll be good)

This is us Jeeping in Moab, but again I want to dedicate an entire post to this, swearing was involved!!

This picture almost makes me pee my pants everytime I look at it!! LOL

Here are me and my friends from my old ward, out to lunch! So fun!! Hopefully we do it again soon.

Us as Bues Pond there were so many ducks, Brennen was in heaven.

Bubb helping me do the laundry, what a good worker!

My stinking cute little girl!

Brennen and Carter at the train museum! They are such good buddies!