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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Brennen turned 2!!
My little boy isn't so little anymore!! But he had a good day. Grandma and Papa Hutch took him and his cousin Bennet to the zoo for their b-days!! Their b-days are a day a apart and Benny turned 1!!! YEAH
This was his cake and if you knew how many times a day he watches Nemo you could understand what a hit it was for him!!

He got his very own NEMO fish (the fresh water version) Thanks Aunt Steph and Uncle Brett!!!

And then he got his favorite thing of all, all the boys outside playing with him!! He loves is uncles and cousins and LOVES it when they do whatever he wants!!

My baby smiles!!

It's kinda dark sorry but we have been trying for so long to get a picture or video and when the opportunity came we had to grab it. She's so dang cute!!

Brennen goes potty!

Now don't mistake this for potty training but we have had some major successes, he has done #1 and 2!!! And I am a very proud mom as you can plainly see. He tells me now (after the fact but still) and we go sit on the potty. So we're getting there.

Too graphic... nope just proud!! (For your benefit I didn't take pictures of the #2... you're welcome!)

My sisters are triathletes!!!

(Christy's father in law Bill, Christy, and Marie)

They did so awesome each coming in at great times!! They are my heros!!
Way to go guys!! You rocked!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Josey's blessing

Here we are with Josey
Here are the three girls in order of birth (left to right) Jayla, Josey, and Ever