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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our going ons... from awhile ago!

We've got a bit to cover and I don't even have Christmas on here. But here we go! Hold on folks you're in for a lengthy ride. First up, school pictures for Brennen's Preschool.

Clovers even got in on the action!

My mom had this gorgeous bush outside so I thought I would get a snap shot of the chicklets together.

B had a trunk or treat for his preschool this was the kids costumes that night.

Our 4th annual Hoopla I was a pea pod and Clovi was the pea. Another great year in the costume department! Now don't you worry I won best group costume contest!

Megatron, Optimus and Sam Wittwiki a.k.a. lame man who says he's dressing up, when really let's face, it he's not! But Brennen believed it and that's all tha matters. P.S. Kurt and I are the artists behind Megatron and we may have gotten a bit high on marker fumes doing it.

The cute babes in shirts my mom found for them!

This is the awesome flag I painted for our YW in Excellence Program! I am a high class decorator that get's hired out but in this case just magnifying my calling!

The stationed I set up for our Olympic games!
This is the estate where Natalie and Greg got married... Do you recognize it? Hawaii 5-0 fans this is Steve McGarrett's home!!! SAWEET!!

My first time stepping into that cool Hawaiian water... AHHHHH

The bed Steve McGarrett had a love seen in... Are you worried about me yet??

Two beach lactating mama's. Me and Christy had to pump our entire trip, which was NOT fun. So everyone called us the lactators! Rude... I know! So we called them the lact-haters. We of course had to stick together!

I got back to horribly cold weather and so we started a fire and naturally roasted us some mallows and made smores!

The next morning it snowed and Brennen wanted to shovel so bad but the snow wasn't sticking to the driveway so we sent him out back and put him and Ever to work on the patio.

Wilson family kid party! We decided not to do presents this year and just have a party with tons of games, projects, stories, and songs! SO FUN!! Here is the gingerbread houses!

It was snowing....cottonballs!

They had a relay to fill the jar and then turn him into a snowman.

Now folks don't you fret part duex will be here soon. You just stay tuned. Peace and Blessings!