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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chocolate & Peanut Butter...Seriously, what could be better?

So the other day I thought to myself I should find a recipe for Peanut Buttercup Cupcakes. I researched it and found a bunch of different recipes. So then I did some renovations to what I thought sounded yummiest! I must admit I am quite talented at this baking business! I just wanted to post to make your mouth water.
Here they are straight out of the oven

These are the bad boys all frosted up with peanut butter frosting. So divine!! It may look like butterscotch but DO NOT be fooled!

The finished product topped with shaved chocolate

Wait this was the final product, about to be consumed! They were pretty awesome. What do you think? (Megan you totally jealous? Need the recipe to try and top me? Sorry it's now a secret!! Kidding love ya!)
I definately have a few things I would do differently. For example, making sure I have cupcake holders BEFORE I go to the store. I had to fix the frosting to my liking which meant adding more ingredients, so let's just say if any of you would like to make them I have some frosting you can have!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let it begin!!

We are going to try again!More underwear was bought, we went through them to fast last time!

They fit and are enjoyed by boy!

Chart is made with sport stickers (a must have!)

We're still working on this stance and debating! Any advice, pee like dad or mom?

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Marcia it's your birthday!

So the big 26 today. Kinda awesome. I babysat my niece, cleaned the kitchen, and then went to mutual. Had pancakes for all 3 meals (Brennen insisted) and then came home from mutual to find out my son was 'helping' weed and pulled out my tomato plant! Apparently I need to teach him what stays in the dirt and what doesn't. Couldn't take a picture cause I lost my camera case (camera's still with me, THANK HEAVENS) but it had my battery charger in it so I am waiting for it's replacement to be shipped. What a day!!

My wonderful husband did clean our disaster of a house (I refused it was my day off from that at least, right?) and promised a night out on the town. He also let me take a birthday nap and played with the girls. So really how could I complain? I told my young women if I wasn't showered with love, gifts, and song I would demand my release. So they of course complied with my wishes. What a good group of girls I have!!

Birthday's are different for me being a mom, I don't get a day off which was mandatory when I worked. I don't get the same hub bub (if you will) I expected from my mom, you know banners, awesome cakes, and constant worship throughout the day (Kurt's still trying to understand my need for recognition). But when your 3 year old (without force or persuasin from a third party) says he loves you and sings happy birthday and your little girl showers you with slobbery kisses, and you get more comments on Facebook then your entire history of being on that thing, and when you get a dedicatory blog of your awesomeness from your sister, and constant phone calls and texts all day to again tell you how cool you are, how can it not be a good day?!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My baby is 1!

It's happened my baby has made it to her first birthday. I'm not going to lie I didn't think it was going to happen, she is very dangerous. Everytime I turn around she is on top of something, but we survived!! Here's her birthday. Mind you my camera decides to malfunction after the party had been going for a mere 10 minutes. So thank you Natalie for the pictures. When I get mine back on track I will post more. I am missing the other side of my family in this post.

Ever's birthday Announcement

Ever with all her loot!

The cupcakes I made with the help of some recruits. I had to leave the kitchen out of pure rage! But they turned out great!

This was Brennen all night and trust me it was quite the fight just to get the shorts on! But all he did was play baseball. This boy's got talent! Major Leagues, seriously.

Ever's new ride!

Brennen stealing Ever's new ride and trying to convince me she was sharing!
With the help of Pa they got her car back.
Bennett caught red handed Boosting Ever's new ride.

Bennett hogging the water toy! Who's party is this?? HAHA!

Ever's new dress from Mexico courtesy of Aunt Natalie. She's looks great. Nice plunge neck line, don't you think? Watch out boys!

Ever sporting her new bling! Don't worry, Natalie bought a dress to match. Once I get proof I will definately post!

She got spoiled! But I like to think she just got loved!