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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A wish and an apology!

Merry Christmas!! And I apologize because I lost my camera for over a month and so I haven't had any pictures taken since then but good fortune smiled upon me and I found it in my temple bag!! Weird

Here's Brennen being funny!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sorrow and Regret (An ode to Natalie)

I forgot when I shouldn’t have
I am sole to blame
You were hurt and disappointed
And for that I am ashamed!

What a day of accomplishment
A duet with your teacher!
But I was too consumed with my illness
Convinced it was a visit from the reaper!

I hear it was the recital of all recitals
Your piano number was top par
But the only picture we have
Is some man’s head from afar (thanks mom!)

I forgot your big day
In my mind it just passed by
I feel so bad if it were in my genes
I would cry

So a poem I must write
And on my blog I must post
To publicly say to you
For this, I hate me most

So dear Natalie I apologize
But this I do fret
May not be enough
My poem of sorrow and regret

So I’ll give you a few days
And if you’re still mad yucky
I’ll take and buy you
The cheapest thing at Tepanyaki!

With all my sorrowful love, Marcia