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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do you think my next daughter will be as lucky as Ever and look like her mommy???

I hope so!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's a Girl!!

This announcement has been a long time coming but I am just now coming to terms with our little surprise so please forgive!! I am almost 20 weeks and finally starting to feel human again. She will be born in June and we have yet to figure out a name, so Michelle Ulm if you are out there I need your assistance. I love all your childrens names, can I just steal one???

Baby Wilson

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!! Here's our christmas fun.
We decided it would be fun to go cut down a tree this year so here is the one we picked, don't look at my face I was blinded by the sun..
Here are the kids in their Christmas Eve jammies and our pretty tree. Ever thought the bulbs on on the tree were bouncy balls... such a treat.
Here is the before picture, Santa was very good to my children
After...ugh what a mess!
Two main things you all need to know about Ever. She has a deep obsessive love for babies and horses. She was one happy girl this year. The second she saw this horse all other presents had to be opened atop of it.
This is us at the Wilson family present opening and the trucks Brennen got. He was very spoiled this year, me and Kurt wonder why even buy them gifts. They get so much stuff from the family...
This is the stinkin cute bunk bed Aunt Steph made for Ever and her many babies. How talented is she?? Josey wished it was hers, lucky for her she's at my house every week!!
One of the many projects I for some reason had the desire to make, turned out cute huh?
That's it for now! We didn't take any pictures on New Years but we had a good time. Life has been good to us this year especially the food. I say this as I look down and watch my belly gain it's own orbit in the atmosphere!!