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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Let's play catch up!

My old man turned 50 this past month so we of course had to have a bash, but what's a bash without a theme. We chose John Denver. If you know my father you wouldn't have picked anything else. He doesn't know I saw this but when my father watched the news on the tragic death of Mr. Denver I saw tears. True story. Anyway he has a deep love, to him they are on a first name basis, a bromance if you will. Here was our main play on lyrics (if you will) we did this throughout the party. If you can't see it it says, You're not over the hill you're Rocky Mountain High! LOL oh man we're clever!!
This is the shirt we designed, 'To his Rocky Mountain Highness'
And this is the back of the shirt! LOL oh man seriously!!
This is the cake Tracy and Christy decorated, can you saw Awesome!
Mr. Denver serenading my dad on the mountain top, do you just love the eagle bringing in the banner? ~Tracy...HOLLA
This is his basket of gifts, it too has the main play on lyrics. Marie made the mountains out of of course cardboard. The balloons are supposed to be clouds (I did what I could with Marie's vision since she was in the hospital with a newborn) Anyway each gift was the start of a John Denver song and ended with us teasing my dad with all his funny quarks. For example, Aye Calypso I Sing To Your Spirit...with great breath and his present was mints. Or, On The Road Again...and on time and his present was a watch because he goes by what we call Todd time and it isn't the same as the rest of the world. But don't tell him that he is very punctual....
And then I made him a very moving video all about him accompanied by John Denver music and a few other of his favorites. In the end it was a great party. I think us kids had more fun making it all up....some people really don't get John Denver WEIRD. I guess I don't understand since I grew up to it blaring through my house! Love ya dad!!
On another note we went to the dinosaur park and Brennen LOVED it!! This was a cute picture from the event.
And finally, my mom bought this shirt because it reminded her of Ever....

Why would she think that?