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Monday, January 14, 2008

A few funny pictures

So you can't really top that hilarious video, but here are a few that made me laugh.

This is Brennen on Christmas day about 11 am, he couldn't handle the excitement one minute longer. He gave up with his brand new slippers, he's so funny every step he takes he barks and laughs at those things.
I let him feed himself now and as you can see it's a very messy process but don't you dare try to feed him yourself. He's a big boy and can do it alone! We went sledding, sort of... We actually got pulled on the back of a four-wheeler. Brennen just lounged back while I was struggling for back support.
Here's the big snow storm that made the snow higher than Brennen and that wasn't because we shoveled piles there. That was just the fallen snow!
He put on Kurt's work boots and was trying to walk around and luckily I got he camera in time. He knows how to pose for the picture now too. CHEESE!!