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Monday, July 26, 2010

The great outdoors!

We went camping this weekend to our usual spot Little Lyman Lake. Here's the boys on the canoes.

This is the result of said canoe trip. A fish! Can you see the pride in that cute face!!
Me and Ever enjoyed a few four wheeler trips while out, she loves them so while the boys fished we rode! My cousins Erica and Katy took this picture and later that day Katy rolled my four wheeler, thank heavens she was ok. Both Katy and my bumblebee sustained a few injuries but nothing a little TLC can't fix. They now are considered hard core, which is a big deal in my family.
Lydia and Ever getting along! They were so funny either fighting or hugging!

The Clovesters

Before camping we went to the lake to swim. This is me and Clove, she's the red

A little Karate Kid anyone?
Pure joy people, pure joy!

We had so much fun we went back the next day to canoe, this is Ever sleeping!! Oh too funny!

Peace out!

Friday, July 16, 2010

2, 6 weeks, and horsies!

Ever turned two this week and in Hutchison fashion we threw a party! Can you guess what the theme was? That's right people my daughters first love, horsies!
Here's the babe all ready on her birthday for a special day with her pa! He took her swimming just the two of them, I think we will have to make this a tradition. When she came home she found this...
...and this. There was a lot more but it was on the windows and hanging down and you couldn't really get it on camera just imagine the horses everywhere.
The presents were also themed horses by no plan of mine. Thank you Aunt Marie for this one she still keeps riding it. She also received a horse blanket, horse dress, stick horse, horse stamps...
...and horse cupcakes! These blasted things caused me to throw a tantrum, say a few choice words, make my son cry, and send myself to timeout. Hello Cupcake curse you for saying to put two wafer cookies together when you OBVIOUSLY don't need too! Hence the fat necked horses, which caused them to be of course top heavy so we had to use a cookie sheet to hold up their fat heads! Curses!! Oh and sorry about the boobage, I'm nursing it can't be helped.
She also got a bike from her mom and dad (we're so nice). This thing rocks, Marie was totally jealous, I think she wants one for herself.
We also gave Brennen his bike early for his birthday. We figured if we waited until Sept. he wouldn't have a lot of time to ride it. We're a little late in the bike department. We've got kids in our neighborhood, his age, learning to ride without training wheels and we're just barely giving him a bike. Oops! This was his face when we brought it out. In our defense, he has a scooter and a trike thingy.

And let's not forget Miss Clove, she turned six weeks on Thursday. Holy cow! 3 kids, extremely traumatizing for me and my husband but she's a doll!! Speaking of husband is she not the girl version of him? If you're not sure take my word for it. She is!

Here's my latest project, it's for my sister Christy's awesome mother-in-law who made Clovi a super cute blanket. So I thought I would make her a gift to say thank you since I sorta coersed her into making the blanket in the first place.

Sidenote: for those of you who read mine and my sister Marie's blog I totally wrote this and after publishing saw hers and then proceeded to steal pictures from hers cause they were better. Goes to show the validity of my statements and the fact that we are of one mind!