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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A wish and an apology!

Merry Christmas!! And I apologize because I lost my camera for over a month and so I haven't had any pictures taken since then but good fortune smiled upon me and I found it in my temple bag!! Weird

Here's Brennen being funny!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sorrow and Regret (An ode to Natalie)

I forgot when I shouldn’t have
I am sole to blame
You were hurt and disappointed
And for that I am ashamed!

What a day of accomplishment
A duet with your teacher!
But I was too consumed with my illness
Convinced it was a visit from the reaper!

I hear it was the recital of all recitals
Your piano number was top par
But the only picture we have
Is some man’s head from afar (thanks mom!)

I forgot your big day
In my mind it just passed by
I feel so bad if it were in my genes
I would cry

So a poem I must write
And on my blog I must post
To publicly say to you
For this, I hate me most

So dear Natalie I apologize
But this I do fret
May not be enough
My poem of sorrow and regret

So I’ll give you a few days
And if you’re still mad yucky
I’ll take and buy you
The cheapest thing at Tepanyaki!

With all my sorrowful love, Marcia

Thursday, November 13, 2008

November so far...

Big Brother Training!

This is 'baby' (that's what B named him) and he changes her diaper everyday.

She has to wear Ever's diaper. Then he puts her to bed.

Ever's 4 months old!!



after!!! And my Boston cream pie, eclair cake (but if you ask Marie SINCLAIR cake hehe!)

Brennen just doing some chores! Our backyard is ridiculous!!

A good big brother!

Monday, November 3, 2008

October Update (in no particular order)

So I wanted to update you because I am a slacker, but there have been some fun events this month I want to dedicated just to them. For example, our 2nd annual Hutchison Halloween Hoopla, I honestly haven't laughed that hard in (I'm going to say it years!) and our trip to Moab. But I want to get all the other pictures from family so it will be coming soon. So until then here's a little tidbit of our month!
*FYI My first race EVER (and not my daughter) is this Saturday, the Gobbler Gallop, it's a 5k. Anyone who wants to join I would love to have you. Let me know!!

She just gets cuter and cuter, Natalie says she could be an elf from LOR Christy says she's a siamese cat! They mean it in a loving way of course. What do you think?

My chicken and egg, I was a farmer but that is a later post!! (Trust me it'll be good)

This is us Jeeping in Moab, but again I want to dedicate an entire post to this, swearing was involved!!

This picture almost makes me pee my pants everytime I look at it!! LOL

Here are me and my friends from my old ward, out to lunch! So fun!! Hopefully we do it again soon.

Us as Bues Pond there were so many ducks, Brennen was in heaven.

Bubb helping me do the laundry, what a good worker!

My stinking cute little girl!

Brennen and Carter at the train museum! They are such good buddies!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

100 Push Up Challenge!!

So my friend Andrea told me about this HOLLA!! And I totally want to try it. You have a schedule they give you and at the end of six weeks you should be able to do 100 consecutive push ups! How cool would that be? So I am doing it! Who's with me?!! Come on let's be hard core together!!!
I haven't earned the badge below but I am totally going to (and have it be a permanent part of my blog!) and I am doing the real push ups not the sissy girl kind! (I'll let you know how that goes) I have done day one already and I am not going to lie I'm in column one but I am so doing it!! Let's do it together!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Latest projects

Slowly but surely my house is getting more decorated, one day my house will be done and in true Kurt fashion he will probably think it's time to move. He's done it twice before!! Anyway here are my latest projects, vinyl. Anyway I thought they turned out cute! (And kudos to me for posting so much!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

The itsy bitsy spider, mom dumb (he means gum)

As you all may know when you first learn to talk some consonants are hard to pronounce for Brennen they are the K and G sounds. He used to call Kurt Dirt and I found it hilarious and apparently for Kurt it's payback.

Brennen singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider all by himself!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I won't even ruin this hilariousness with a comment!!
The babies and mommies!
Wilson family girls night out, we did some shopping and went to dinner in Park City! Way fun except I spent way too much money (ask Kurt!)
We were quite the sight, my daughter is the one with a blanket over her she had had more than enough by this point, we had been there all day.
Daddy and his babies!
My stinkin cute little girl! And she's 12 weeks old!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Brennen turned 2!!
My little boy isn't so little anymore!! But he had a good day. Grandma and Papa Hutch took him and his cousin Bennet to the zoo for their b-days!! Their b-days are a day a apart and Benny turned 1!!! YEAH
This was his cake and if you knew how many times a day he watches Nemo you could understand what a hit it was for him!!

He got his very own NEMO fish (the fresh water version) Thanks Aunt Steph and Uncle Brett!!!

And then he got his favorite thing of all, all the boys outside playing with him!! He loves is uncles and cousins and LOVES it when they do whatever he wants!!

My baby smiles!!

It's kinda dark sorry but we have been trying for so long to get a picture or video and when the opportunity came we had to grab it. She's so dang cute!!

Brennen goes potty!

Now don't mistake this for potty training but we have had some major successes, he has done #1 and 2!!! And I am a very proud mom as you can plainly see. He tells me now (after the fact but still) and we go sit on the potty. So we're getting there.

Too graphic... nope just proud!! (For your benefit I didn't take pictures of the #2... you're welcome!)

My sisters are triathletes!!!

(Christy's father in law Bill, Christy, and Marie)

They did so awesome each coming in at great times!! They are my heros!!
Way to go guys!! You rocked!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Josey's blessing

Here we are with Josey
Here are the three girls in order of birth (left to right) Jayla, Josey, and Ever

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hilarious video!

I know I just posted but Carter came to play today and you have to see this video!! Holy crap Carter makes me laugh so hard!

And this one..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let's play catch up!

Frontrunner and TRAX experience

So I decided to try out Frontrunner and head on down to SLC to lunch with my sister Marie and Megan (Chelsie you have to quit ignoring us!!) and it was quite the experience! I was slightly terrified to do this because I had my double stroller (Kudos to you Heather for going anywhere!!) I kept telling Marie I was scared the doors were going to close on me and I would be stuck and she said I was crazy (you just keep on reading people!) So Frontrunner went good and here we are happy.

But then I had to get on TRAX. OK totally impossible with a double stroller, so I went to the handicap ramp, TRAX employees RUDE!! I got yelled at. And so we were at a crossroads,but at least I got a break and had lunch.
Here's Brennen and Anna after lunch, don't they look like they could be brother and sister?? Lucky kids aren't they cute and whose even cuter?? Their mothers!!
Here we are stuffed and happy!! Thanks for taking the picture Marie!! So back to the trip home I was a bit scared on how I was going to get back on TRAX so my loving sister decided to come home with me!! And guess what? My fear came true!!! We did get shut in the door at Frontrunner, and who was the one stuck in the closed door? The certain person who made fun of my fears!! KARMA!!! HAHA

The Cabin

Here are the boys by the river at the cabin, if Brennen is up there he is throwing whatever is on the ground, mostly rocks, in the river. And he is the happiest boy in town!! What a funny little boy. And this time he got lucky cause dad had bubbles! And his uncles were having a good time too they were seeing who could throw a rock and hit the bubbles Kurt was throwing. BOYS!

And who knew all I had to do was put Ever on a feathered pillow and she would sleep like an angel! Don't worry people her nose is clear of all fabric!! This is Brennen loving his sis!! He is so sweet with her, sometimes he loves her a bit too much!


So I've been trying to get into shape, since I let myself go with the pregnancies (Not once but twice) so my sweet husband has been going with me. Me and Kurt go hiking twice a week and when I'm not doing that I am running with Bandino (my dog) or biking with the kids in tow.


Here's how I found my kids after a long bike ride. Brennen cracks me up, he has to be touching her to make sure she is ok all the time!! What a good big brother.