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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I had to add these I just got them from Jenny and love them!!! If you are in need of some great pictures and want a good price, she's your gal!

How we've been rollin in the new year!

Peggy made them matching jammies for Christmas and B was so excited!! They always have to wear them together!

Warriors good guys! Wolves bad guys!
We went to the Weber/Fremont b-ball game, and of course Weber totally dominated (much to Kurt's dismay). And we got Brennan saying 'Go Weber!' Just to rub it in to Kurt of course and after the game B says 'Daddy warriors good guys wolves bad guys!' It was hilarious! THAT'S MY BOY!

This is what B thought during the game and I agree it was way loud
Mrs. Keel and her son who ran out on the court during the game!!!
This is what I come home to when Natalie watches the kids...


More tongue from Ever!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 random things..

This has been going around on Facebook and I have been reading them and thought they were so funny so I wanted to post. Especially since I have taken any pictures in awhile. It is lengthy but very revealing...

In no particular order...

1. I love to squeeze babies, especially mine. They are so dang cute and soft I just have to SQUEEZE!! They hate it.

2. I used to be hard core, and I was very proud of that. Nothing could get me to cry, then I had kids and have now become a sympathetic cryer. It is so annoying!! If anyone and I mean ANYONE sheds a tear whether it be a bad movie or a cartoon I can feel the liquid forming. I hate myself for it.

3. If my mom ever lost me in the grocery store when I was little she could always find me in the produce section, by the bananas, putting Chiquita banana stickers all over my face! I always started with the little part above my lip (you know what I am talking about)

4. If anyone pulls out a camera I will contort my body into any position to get into that picture. And it's always with a cheese!!

5. I hate clutter! And I feel major stress when things are out of control. Everything has a place, even my messes are organized! I annoy myself with it.

6. When I get in the zone, the cleaning zone. Steer clear, I am probably onery and venting anger through some serious scrubbing. Just let me clean!

7. I have a really bad temper and sometimes it takes all my control not to attack something or someone. Don't worry I have a kick boxing class :)

8. I have a serious sugar intake problem. Sometimes I want sugar so bad I will eat something I don't even like just becaust it's sweet. Oh thank heavens for the gym or I would be a 500 pound cow!!

9. I am not a morning person and seriously need at least 8 hours of quality R.E.M. sleep to be a functional human being. So for any of you who have been around me since Ever was born you now understand my problem! Brennen has already been trained that if he wakes up before 8 to just crawl on in to mommy's bed and watch a movie.

10. I love to laugh, ask Kurt, it's usually at very stupid things but that's why it's so funny!! A good laugh when you cry and can't breathe is rare and so worth the pain it causes!! My family talking about us as kids usually does the trick. We were really weird!

11. I love to watch my children grow and develop but then immediately after miss the stage they were just in.

12. I have very little patience (it goes along with the anger I think) especially when I am in the middle of project and my children "need" something. I find myself saying "Just a minute!" alot.

13. As a highschool student I vowed once I got my diploma I was done with school. Then I got my patriachal blessing and it said just the opposite 'to gain all the education you can' I was so upset. But back to school I went and now that I am graduated I really miss it. I would like to go back one day.

14. I don't have self control when it comes to food, I can be completely full but still eat because it just tastes so good, or it's right in front of me. It's a Hutchison curse I believe, ask my sisters!

15. If I do anything I deem to be great I need public acknowledgement of this fact. Some say I am vain I just say it was from a lack of attention as a child. I was the second child after an overachiever (Love you Christy!!) So tell me it's great and I will most likely agree.

16. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor as does my whole family. I love that we go back and forth with each other and just laugh and laugh, usually at someone else's expense. It takes a person with tough skin to handle us. But in our defense we only tease if we like ya.

17. I have a serious problem with spending at places like Costco and Walmart, I always find something that looks cool, yummy, or that I 'need'. It's never on my list and it always ends with a high price.

18. I have a hard time letting go of somethings and tend to over analyze situations I have been in. I find myself laying in bed recreating the conversation or what not and imagining what I would have done or said, I lay awake for hours sometimes. Let go Marcia just let go!

19. I am a talker!! I tend to over talk someone when I think I have something good to say. I can't hide my feelings well because sometimes I just blurt. I am working on it. I am trying to listen more but man it's hard, I've got a lot to say!!

20. When I load the dishwasher I do it the same everytime. I think it's a bit OCD. The spoons, forks, etc. HAVE to be in the same container/spot everytime. And I feel anxiety when I watch how Kurt does it. That poor man.

21. I am one onery bugger if I am hungry or tired. As you can see I have issues with things.

22. I can't believe how much I love my family, growing up I couldn't wait to get rid of em. But now I love to hang out with them. Kurt said the other day that we didn't have a lot of friends (boo!) and I said we did we're just related to them. That's really how it is I have amazing friends and family and want to be with all of them.

23. I want to take a cake decorating/ pastry class, well there are actually a lot of classes I want to take. You know, broaden my horizons.

24. I have major issues about my boobs. In 8th grade my friends boyfriend said the girls were pointy and now bra shopping is a major process. When I get ready I can have my gut hanging all over the place but if my boobs aren't just right there goes the outfit. So stupid, 14 years later and I still worry about it and I have a nice rack people!! What am I worried about! I have also named them Reba and Louise. Kurt thinks I should change their names to Ruby and Luby my 2 boobies!! TMI?

25. I feel I have a very unique soul that seldom is truely understood, but there are a few who 'get' me. You know who you are...

I hope you all still want to be my friend!