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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So Brennen has been trying to walk for some time now and up until last week he was only taking three or four steps and then lunging forward to hold onto whatever he could cause he thought he would die or something if he didn't. But last week I snuck out of the livingroom and he caught me, started balling and walked after me. It was a very exciting day and now the kid dang near runs!!! Click on the link to see him. It's funny to watch. He starts to whine at the end because he is obsessed with my camera and always wants to hold it and I won't let him, little bugger.

Monday, August 27, 2007

This is us at Bear Lake, this past weekend, Brennen was so funny he loved the water! He just walked right into it up to his neck and it was cold water! This is the sea turtle I made and when I got back from the bathroom SOMEONE defiled my work!! They killed him!So there were these crazy Moose who lived in our campground and every morning we would wake up there they were. IN OUR CAMPGROUND!! It was a mama and a baby so you had to be very careful, one camper was a dummy and didn't think that they were wild animals and he got to close to baby and mama charged him!!! It was pretty scary with Brennen there.
Then the blasted things slept two feet from my inlaws tent! If you look you can see their eyes glowing, the boys had to throw logs at them and to scare them off and all they did was walk in a circle and come back. They kept my inlaws up all night snoring and farting!! It was hilarious! But the next morning when my brother-in-law went to unzip his tent one of the moose stuck it's head in their tent, very frightening. Crazy animals.

Friday, August 24, 2007

These are pictures of Brennen we took every couple of months by Dudley, Kurt's old Bear. I just thought it was funny to see how big he's gotten. 1 Month old 3 Months
7 Months
11 Months

Monday, August 6, 2007

We went camping this weekend for Kurt's birthday to Little Lyman Lake in the Uinta's. We had a lot of fun!

This is the group of us that went camping.

This is Tyson who was convinced he could spear a fish in this FREEZING cold lake. He was also snorkeling (as you can plainly see). Oh man you should have seen the faces of the other campers when they saw my weirdo brother swimming through the lake with a neon green snorkle popping out of the water!!!! It was hilarious.

Brennen loved the 4-wheelers and always wanted to be on them. This trip he fell fast asleep.

He also liked to hold Dixie's leash and bark at her so Marie took him for lots of walks.

It got cold up there and we had to try and convince Brennen that his hat was super cool. But he wasn't buying it!