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Monday, February 22, 2010

More Stolen Pictures...

Natalie was in town and we went to Fat Cats to play, luck had it that Wahlquist Jr. High was there was well. What a mess! But the chicklets could've cared less. Thank heaven my family takes pictures or else in ten years I wouldn't know what my kids looked like at 3 and 1.

This is B on a motorcycle game, Tyson was a good uncle and manuevered the motorcycle for him he just enjoyed the ride.

So of course Bennett and Ever wanted to join the fun.

Ever makes this face on command, isn't she sweet? Child actor? I think so... we're working on crying on command as well. I am pretty sure she dang well has it.

Ok this picture just makes me laugh, if you could explain my nephew in only one picture this would be it!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's new and not so new

So I am a major slacker in the blogging world. I feel like all I do is sleep, but in my defense I am growing limbs and such right inside me!! Started going to the gym again. FINALLY! Can barely walk but feelin good. After the first day I realized I could've gone much earlier but chalk it all up to pure laziness. MEH. I totally stole these pictures from my sister's blog and wanted to reiterate that my daughter is crazy! And her object of affection poor little Eden.
The Ever so famous love hold, we don't choke...
Mind you that Ever's hair had to be remastered several times by this point. I do groom my child but she rips it out faster than I can control it, it was very cute that day.

Eden has started crying when she sees Miss Ever walk into the room, it's very sad because all she wants to do is give a little love. Soft is not a word she understands yet. I fear for June...