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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hutchison Cousins Photoshoot

So we decided to get some pictures of the grandkids, so I set up a makeshift studio at my house we wanted to save on some dough. I wish we would've had better lighting but whatev, I still think they turned out cute and with a little work from my friend Photoshop I think we can make it adorable!

Here is Brennen wanting his picture taken with his sword, and not ready at all for the pictures. BOYS!!!

This is my favorite group one, Bennett had to hold a spray bottle in his hand or he would freak out but I was able to blur it out. I need to take some classes or something on how to position the children this was the best Christy, Marie, and Me could come up with seeing as we needed to prop up Eden. I'm working on it.

Ever as usual loved Eden to death and wanted to kiss and hug her the whole time so we of course had to get some of the girls. The bottom one cracks me up you know poor Eden is thinking, 'Just give me my dang binki!!' Oh my little helper.
Isn't she just sweet!!!