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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ragnar Relay~Wasatch Back (Logan to Park City aka LotoPa)

This last weekend I ran in the Wasatch Back. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a 12 man relay from Logan to Park City. Each runner has 3 legs and it lasts from Friday to Saturday.

Van 2 or as I referred to us as Van AWESOME!

The first exchange between the vans. Our van was runners 7-12 and I was runner 7 so everytime it was our turn I was first. This is aunt Lorie the marathoner, so I would book it the first part until I was out of her eyesight and then slow 'er down. I had to impress (don't worry I did)

I had an encounter with a snake! Don't worry this is me giving the ok.

Uncle Randy getting me some water. It was so hot!! 5 pm run, I was a sweatin!

This is the other Randy (Steiny) he is my parents neighbor and quite the addition to the team!! He was constantly eating junk food right before his run and still rocked it! Iron Stomach, so funny!! This is him following all traffic rules, only 55 mph :)

This was Robert's motto and inspiration!

Christy had the hardest run. Right up Snow Basin but she never stopped or slowed down. We seriously had the toughest team!
This was my second leg I finished at 3 am. It was a little rough right up East Canyon they called it a moderate incline Ugh I don't want to see their hard incline. Don't worry I totally passed 4 people (that's called road kill in the racing world!) By the end we as a van had over 75 road kills. I know we rock!
This is Stephanie climbing a mountain! It was so hard!
This is Uncly Randy running into the storm. It was almost over! Christy was all that was left.
The weather we encountered, poor Christy had to run in a monsoon to finish up the race!
Overall we place 258 out of over 600 teams. And in our division we place 184! I don't think that's too bad at all for Rookies. We finished in 30 hours and 40 minutes and we did this on no sleep!! GO TEAM HUTCHIBY!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ode to Ever

So they always say that your second kid never gets as many pictures as the first or you don't do the same things you did for your first. And I always thought, 'well yeah if you just don't do it, but I totally will. I will never forget to do the book and the growing pictures'. WRONG!!

I am such a mess, I lost my brain somewhere after having Ever and have yet to locate it! I forget everything!! And that includes the stuff I ridiculed those 'so called' moms for! So this is my ode to my little girl!!

Growing Pictures
With Brennen I did this literally every other month. Notice how there are only 3 pictures...

2 months old
6 months old

11 months old
Well I at least got 3, right?

I made these frozen pudding pops and let's just say she loved them!!

This picture (which I made into a 9x9 inch card, yeah it was awesome!) I hadn't posted yet because we were waiting for all to graduate. Me and Christy did this for our three graduates: Natalie, Tyson & Tracy WOOWOO!!! We changed each of the colors to match the schools. Purple for WSU, Green for Army, and Red for Weber High!! So proud, so proud!!

~Side Note~

Another photographer moment. These are the pretty flowers in my yard. I KNOW!

They are still alive and in my care!