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Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Finally Happened~Tagged!

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1.Recovering from a bad dye job (my hair turned green)
2.Breaking up with boyfriend because he didn't like my dye job!!
3.Obsessing over Dr. Martin's and wishing my parents would buy me some
4.Wrapping all my school folders in duck tape because that was cool (and all others Megan said lol so sad. We thought we were so cool too!!!)
5.Loving Jason Ball because he was my biggest crush!!

5 things on my to-do list today:
1.Make my child take a nap
2.Pick up Kurt's paycheck, forge his signature, and put in bank (can that be 3 things?)
3.Pick up family pictures
4.Go to inlaws for dinner
5.Take Tracy for icecream for success in soccer

5 snacks I enjoy:
2.string cheese
5.nilla wafers

5 songs I know the lyrics to:
1.Big girls don't cry ~Fergie
2.Billy Jean ~Micheal Jackson (and most Jackson Five songs)
3.Birdhouse in your soul ~They Might Be Giants
4.Escape (The Pina Colada Song) ~Rupert Holmes
5.Blue Suede Shoes ~Marc Cohn

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1.Buy a house
2.Buy fun toys for home (4-wheeler, boat)
3.Buy my parents a house
4.Take care of anything that is in need
5.Go on a trip (crazy people who would invest! jk)

5 bad habits:
1.Sleeping in (you and me KariAnn)
2.Quick temper (my poor husband)
3.bad eating habits. I have no self control when it's yummy.
4.Bad exercising habits. I do really good for a week and then become lazy. I hate myself for it.
5.Spend too much money, I get carried away with groceries and stuff for Brennen. I need to be better.

5 things I'd never wear again:
1.Tapered acid washed jeans with a bow and a zipper in the back at the bottom of the jeans.
2.Sweat band for a head band like I did in my 3rd grade pictures
3.Horrific glasses that were bigger than my entire head, square, and pink. Then I thought I upgraded to gold. Very bad.
4.Socks that I rolled down that were two different colors swapped on each side, you know, the Punky Brewster.
5.The clip on the side of your shirt or the knot!!!

5 favorite toys:
2.My crafts, they count right?
3.Most of Brennen's toys
4.Our Camper (no more sleepin on the ground).
5.Cell phone

People Tagged: I don't know anyone!! I see your blogs Chelsie and Megan, you have like a million friends!!! Me not so cool, I have to steal friends and put them on mine (Tiffany).

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Family Photo

Now don't go thinking we were that amazing and got Brennen to smile so cute in all these pictures, that my friends are the wonders of technology and digital editing. We did a little head swap here and there and a little fake lypo on my part and Presto cute family pictures!! If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog there is a bigger picture to look at.

Photo shoot gone sour!

This is a picture of Brennen and his friend Elisa. As you can plainly see they were not happy during this photo shoot together. The photographers were a little inexperienced and made them cry more than smile. Go JCPenney!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Brennen's Halloween Pictures

I would like to call these my many faces of Brennen. I think we have a theme going and didn't want to ruin it!! He was so funny gettting these pictures taked we could never actually get him to smile but he pulled faces the entire time!!

This one makes me laugh so hard, that's actually a flower don't get it mixed up with a mop!!