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Monday, October 18, 2010

Where have we been?

Ok so I know I posted about Bear Lake this summer but these little jewels crack me up!
Aunt Jilene getting some Bear Lake z's

Ever found my shoes and decided they would be hers for the day

My Brenn started preschool!!! Ahh way to big..

He also became a soccer star... and me his coach!
Say hello to my orange Tiger
These are my cupboards before I started the monumental task of painting them...
Marie putting her back into it... We couldn't get this one out. Yeah she's my muscle....
After the first half is done, and yes that is still how it looks half way done. This weekend people it will be finished, I had to recover from that first half, my house is still trying to recover.
My mom has the prettiest orange bush and I had to take my kids pictures. They are so cute I could just squeeze them to death!
Bennet and Jaxton even got in on the pretty!