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Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm back!!! Finally

Where have I been you ask? Oh you know my computer broke, PC Laptop sucks! And now my computer does too since they've touched it. Lame!! So the last time I posted was in February which is even more lame. But no worries I am back...for now, we'll see what happens next time. So while I was away Clovi turned 9 months. She is now 2 weeks away from 1 but what can you do. Here are the pictures I took for her 9 months...So cute!! Love those ears!
So this spring we had lots of encounters with baby animals... Kurt's uncle Mike gets calfs every year and this is the one that needed a momma's touch. No one could get it to eat and since I was then still a nursing mother I had a few tricks up my sleeve and WALA!! Hungry baby!! My dad got some baby chicks this year and decided to build himself a coop, little did he know it would be called the Taj Mahal of chicken coops....It literally looks like a shed. Anyway I digress. The kids LOVE them. We did have a tragedy though. The nieghbors dog (I won't name names) got into the garage and killed 4 of the chicks!!! MADDY dang dog!! She killed my dads favorite one and it took them well over an hour to find the others that had taken off and hid. Very sad! But they got some more to replace them and all will be well again!! P.S. my cat just had 5 kitten!! Ahhhh no worries I have found good homes for them all and Miss Snow has a future with the doctor soon... I took the kids to the Ogden Temple to take some pictures before the change. I thought it would be neat for them to have a before and after. Apparently all of Weber County thought the same thing cause they were all there!

Do you love Ever's seductive face?

Do you think I could get Ever to look at the camera, ya no.

I promised them if they smiled and were good we would go to Farr's.

I know mother of the year right? I asked the ice cream scooper? to give Clovi the smallest scoop they could and only did sherbet, so no dairy, see it's ok. Anyway being really awesome they charged me full price for a tablespoon of ice cream but she was in HEAVEN. If you even tried to touch it she literally screamed bloody murder!!!

Easter came and as usual the kids were completely spoiled by my parents. I think they get it confused with Christmas, but I'm not complaining happy children equal happy parents. This was the kids when we brought the presents out. Do you think Ever wanted hers? Side note: I actually found some big money eggs this year!! Wahoo I usually suck but I rocked it, my dad helped me BUT there are no rules against cheating!!

Natalie came so we celebrated her birthday. Theme song: Paparazzi by Lady GaGa and we treated Natalie like a SUPERSTAR!! Since she is going to be on Clean House some time this month, not cause she needed the team on Clean House but because she went to a yard sale for the show.

MY GARDEN!! Finally Kurt got me a garden!! Granted my dog ran away and we removed his kennel and built my garden in it's place but you win some you lose some right? He poored the concrete this past weekend and our yard looks so great!! Love it!

Brennen and Ever graduated from their first class of tumbling and they loved it!!! I don't have Ever's pictures yet but will soon and will post them then. This is Brennen doing Shark pose...

His medal of completion. Love LOVE Love Chricia Bailey with Moxie Dance Company, she's right by the old North Pointe Theatres. Try her out!

Brennen did soccer this year and being awesome I was his coach! It caused me a lot of anxiety because that's just who I am and I now feel I did my parental duty and get to just sit on the sidelines and watch from now on. And my dad being awesome was my assistant coach!!

He starts T Ball this week so that should be fun!

Here's some cute pins I made for our moms for Mother's Day. I used felt and fabric buttons for cuter picture and instructions go here. It's a fun site The Fickle Pickle.

And then I made these for my Visiting teaching ladies and all the sisters!! They were so cute, I put ear plugs and candy inside. I also copied this, I'm really good at that. This is from the best site ever!! Our Best Bites.

This however I made up on my own and loved it!! Me and a friend started up this group and everything month we get together and do whatever, who is in charge, wants. I started it and we did these fabric necklaces and these other necklaces which are plastics we melted onto metal washers. Go here to see ( I made so many variations of the necklace below and they all turned out adorable!! If you're jealous (my five readers) I can totally tell you how or you can come over and we'll do it together!! Just cause I am so awesome!

Deep breathe....awww I'm done.