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Friday, March 26, 2010

All in a days work!

Tie Dye Cupcakes!! How cool are they?! I saw them on Studio 5 and just had to make them and who better to make them for than my sister in California with a birthday. My nephew shares this day so he of course got some too! Any excuse to make something awesome.

This is what you see when you bite into that bad boy!!
The most alarming picture of me and Tracy waiting for the cupcakes to cool. I learned this from my YW, yeah that's right I'm that mature. Oh the laughter these pictures caused!!

Our photoshoots with the chicklets are always so successful, can you tell?
The preggers sisters!! How cute are we?!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the update of all updates...

How cute is my little Bren's face?! Ever on the other hand was having nothing to do with my photoshoot, I had to bribe her with a popsiscle just to stand there.

NOW on to business, many a things have happened since I last really blogged so you may be overloaded with pictures of the chillins' I apologize upfront.

We have been trying and trying to get Bren to sleep in his bed by himself for so long now, I blame Kurt if you must know. He just 'had' to rock him every night and fall asleep while reading a story, so NOW my little man doesn't know what it's like to sleep by himself.

To the picture, we tried to bribe him with a toy to sleep by himself and this is how I found him, with said toy, watching a movie. If you look closely his ears are folded down! Ha so funny. How did our bribe go do you ask? Well my son currently beds down on our floor with a blanket and pillow. Ugh.

Ever on the other had got herself a big girl bed around the same time. I love free stuff. Bed from the parentals, comforter from my old bed set as a youth complete with a Ragedy An and Andy doll my mother made me. And how does she do? Sleeps like a champ, PLUS I don't have to go get her out of her crib anymore she just walks right on in to my room. I'm pregnant not lazy.. well maybe a little lazy.

This picture is a crack up, we started going to the library on Thursdays for discovery time and they have this huge horse that sits on top of the bookshelf along with a heap of other larger than life animals. Well I've told you my daughters love of horses so we of course had to get it down. Well while Ever was loving the horse it fell right on top of her, he didn't stand to well. So this is her and Bren trying to right that poor stead. Look at their faces!!! 'Heave Ho, Heave Ho!!!'
(side note: they never got it back up)

Ever grooming her stallion.

The past week has been quite a challenge for me and my patience, Ever had a fever for four days straight and was completely miserable. I couldn't leave her side or even put her down or she would just sob. Well I had to make dinner and so Ever had to wait to be held and she fell asleep at my feet on the tile floor. Poor thing, found out she had a double ear infection!! I would be a monster too...

Day after meds...She was back to her usual tactics and got herself put into TIME OUT! She cried for her blanky and so being the mature mother I am I put it over her head and she actually sat like this for her full minute and a half in time out... I am currently laughing if you must know. I find it very funny. Don't you?

Sweet little Josey has come back to the chaos called our home since her little sister Maizie was born. These girls love to be with each other! Look how big they are? I can't believe it.

Living Planet Aquarium

We were being sharks!

Pa and Grandma said they could pick out one toy and Ever could not decide, so how does she solve her dillema? She just takes them all! Smart girl.

I made Brennen some new ties. Very cute! You are jealous aren't you?

In closing... the many faces of Ever. I know you've seen the first one, but have you seen the others she frequently makes. She's one funny girl.

I am smiling mom!

Say what?

And there you have it, our life is now update for your viewing pleasure. if my record holds strong you will hear from me in another couple of weeks. So until then my friends...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Party Anyone?

Wise Food Storage

So my dear neighbor Dan, whom I love, has started a new businessventure. It is with this company Wise Food Storage. So he asked me if I would be willing to have a little get together to sample the food and see what it's all about. And I of course said yes cause he makes me cupcakes and tomales plus I went to his house and sampled some of it myself and it was really good!!
So I am having a party at my mom's house (right by Weber High) Saturday March 13th at 3 pm and would love for you guys to join me. Dan is going to whip up some of this food for us to try and give us some info, and in the end if you would like to buy some great but if not come and eat anyway. It's really quite the deal you get to eat good food, spend time with me and my awesome family, and chat! What could be better.
Here's the website if you want to check it out a little more.
A little that I know about it is it's freeze dried food, kinda like Mountain House but better, of course, it's gourmet. One bucket would feed an adult for one month. Some of the food includes, cheesy macaroni, creamy chicken pasta (had this one YUM! Me and Tracy gobbled it right up), cheesy lasagna, chicken teriyaki, blueberry pancakes, honey glazed granola, and brown sugar oatmeal to name just a few. The pricing is $1.75 per serving.
Me and Kurt are getting a bucket for food storage but also for camping or lazy days when I don't want to cook. All you do is add boiling water to the bags and voila!! Instant meal. I totally sound like a saleswoman but Dan doesn't just turn from neighbor to salesman himself unless it's something worth going into.
So there you have it if you would like to come or are interested in more info leave a comment and I can get you what you need. Peace out!