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Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter and Things...

We had a really good Easter weekend, it started with my brother in law Robert needing to borrow my children for his EMT class to practice taking childrens vitals. Brennen could've cared less, they put on Cars and he was in the zone. We would just say, "Brennen show them your muscles (which was him showing them his elbow!!) Here is how Ever enjoyed the day. She lasted through about 3 people and then had ENOUGH! She was very angry if anyone even came near her. I just told them she was really good practice for the real life stuff. Our little angel...

This picture serves 2 purposes. This is us Easter morning all dressed up in our nice new outfits (except me BOO!!) headed off to church, and secondly to show off the fence Kurty boy just put in. We love it, Brennen is trapped!

This is Brennen trying out the new wheel barrel he got, he got lots of fun toys to play with outside. So spoiled. Ever got new bottles (I know lame.. but pricey for the ones she uses)

This is Josey and Ever playing with all the Easter eggs we just gathered together. Jayla was here but she crawled off way to fast.

This is all the girls on the Wilson side. Easter was the day Brian and Leah blessed little Lydia. It was a good day and I think we all look great!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My latest craft projects/kids in Easter getup

I made Ever a tutu CUTE huh? And that of course meant a bow and I decided if the girl is going to wear a tutu she is going to wear the world's biggest bow (at least for her head...)

I made these for Brennen for Easter, it is an Easter egg scavanger hunt that will lead him to his basket! You can go ahead and call me Mother of the Year anytime:) Each egg will lead him to the next clue and it will also have a prize. Laffy Taffy anyone?

These are Brennen's naughty faces that I had to capture to prove to my mother that he is infact, much to her dismay, very naughty! This one is his face of pure annoyance..

This is him yelling, "I not!!" Which is translated to NO!

All I need is butterfly wings and this girl will be my little fairy!

Aren't they so dang cute?!! Thanks Mom for the Easter outfits!!