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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We went to the Harrisville Easter Egg Hunt (we're new residents) and I thought oh this will be fun Brennen probably won't get much but he can open up an egg. WRONG!!! All the stinkin 3 year olds took every egg in like 2.2 seconds and we were standing there wondering how we possibly didn't even get one egg. But we got this cute picture. Plus, Brennen had the Grandma's houses to go to and he made a killing there! He had so much fun just opening the eggs he could've cared less about what was inside. Oh but mommy did she's been craving candy!

Here is my mom and Kurt trying to help Brennen pick up the scraps that were left over!

This is the Hutchison Family Easter, we had to get a picture because this was the first time in awhile that we had everyone together at the same time. What a family!!! We did a money hunt and we had a limit on eggs this year because it got a little too heated last year. But alas like every year eggs are still in my mom's yard sitting full of money and no one can find them BUT ME! I found one yesterday!!! SWEET one dollar!

And lastly the funniest part of our Easter, Brennen trying to blow out a candle, mind you we had to try several times, this is just the one we got on camera. It is so hilarious (and I don't just think that because I am his mom, the grandparents think he's pretty cute too!) We give him an A+ for trying. Next we will try to blow bubbles I will post as it comes!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Husband Tag

Okay so I hope you people aren't bored with this tag, because I just barely got this (thanks alot friends). But I thought you guys should learn a little about my man since I have left him completey out of my blog. No fault of my own, mind you, but my husband is a work a holic.

How long have you been together?We've been married almost 4 years!!! Kurt says it seems like a lifetime, I like to think he means that in a good way.

How long did you date? Once we started dating it went really fast like only 2 months before he proposed and then another 3 before we were married. But we'd been friends for a little while before that.

Who Eats More? Kurt eats like you would not believe and it's CRAP too, still as skinny as ever. Injustice, I think so.

Who said "I Love You" first? He did and he did through text message!! Oh it makes me laugh, he said he was so nervous he couldn't do it to my face. Even after he did that it was a little while before I heard it come out of his mouth. But that was ok because he completely terrified me when he 'wrote' it.

Who is taller? I am a stunning 5'4" and his is an entire foot taller than me. I've seen the pictures we are an odd couple, tall and skinny, short and plump.

Who is smarter? Kurt likes to show he is smarter than me by saying, "How high do you think that is, or How much snow do you think is on the ground?" And 100% of the time I am way off. I don't think like that, but that's all he does at work all day. So when he asks that I ask, "Who's graduated from college?" He usually shuts up, you see my husband is on what we call the Doctorate of Associates. Need I say more..

Who does the dishes/Laundry? I am pretty sure I am a mean wife on this, but Kurt's laundry is not allowed in mine and Brennen's. He does construction so everything is dirty. So just recently I have decided if he has his own laundry then he can do it!! He doesn't like that but I say I do enough he can do his own laundry and scrub the tub! I do all other house chores, oh wait he does garbages too. Really he's living the easy life I think.

Who sleeps on the right side of the Bed? Kurt does because that's where the alarm clock is, but lately I have had to because it hurts in every other direction with this unborn child.

Who pays the bills? I do. My husband is extremely cheap and when he sees the bills it honestly makes him physically ill. Oh man it's funny to watch. Groceries are the worst and I myself am quite frugal. I just have to keep reminding him, We have to eat and live don't we??

Who mows the lawn? Kurt owns a landscaping business.....and I mow our lawn, something wrong with this picture?

Who cooks dinner? Me, Kurt knows breakfast foods and brownies. If I can get him in the kitchen he can follow a recipe, and when it comes to bbq's it's Kurt all the way.

Who is more stubborn? This would most definately be me!! I have my dad to thank for that! Most people say I wear the pants but me and Kurt decided he just doesn't care about all the stupid stuff that I do. I have to stick to my guns ladies, you know!!

Who asked who out? We had been friends for a couple of months, I had gone out with his friend but we hadn't talked in awhile. I called him because I found out his sister was in my spanish class. So me and Sandy (his sis) called him during our class and when I called he asked me out. I guess he asked his friend why he hadn't taken me out again and his friend was like, "I don't know" and Kurt told him well if you don't call her I am going to. And I guess I called him the next day, so it made it easy for him (with me anyway not his buddy, oops).

Who proposed? Kurt did and it's a little embarassing on my part. He took me up to Morgan Canyon (somewhere over there) and told me we were going to go spotlighting for deer. I thought he was weird and starting inviting people to come with us and he would have to track down these people to tell them they couldn't come (poor guy). And when we got there we came up over a hill and there was this table set up with candles and pretty decor (thanks to Marie... long story there) and it looked over the lake, so beautiful. But being the total retard I am I said, "hurry and go we just ruined someone's romantic dinner!!!" Oh man... I had graduated basic education by then too. And then I realized what I had just said and he laughed and said, "Oh man, will you marry me?!" He was so sweet because he got my sisters involved (Christy was about to leave on her mission, so he wanted her there) and they came jumping out (screaming of course) when we were driving back down, it was just really cute!

Who is more sensitive? I would say that even with my mothers heartless genes (and that is not to be taken offensively, but literally) I am more sensitive especially since I became a mommy.

Who has more friends? Well it's definately a toss up. But I swear to you Kurt knows someone EVERYWHERE we go, he calls them his buddies, his mom calls them his boyfriends!! HAAA

Who has more siblings? Hello...I'm a Hutchison! 4 sisters and 1 crazy brother. (I agree) But Kurt is just one sibling short of me. So we have a very big family which I love!!!

Who are you tagging? I don't think KariAnn has been tagged or Jaclyn, if you have then you're off the hook!

Friday, March 14, 2008

It's a girl!!

So it is official. It's a girl. I now will have one of each. She is due on my birthday July 21. But start praying now people that I don't go that far into July, I will be one angry momma. I could now close down this baby factory if I so chose and I like having that option. Pregnancy does not suit me I have decided.

For those of you new to the ultrasound pictures that is not a hurricane but actually a child. The bottom picture is proof of her womanhood (I hope that doesn't make me a child predator). My sisters were plotting against me to have the first granddaughter. Well Christy and Marie looks who's laughing now!!! JK If you have any girl advice or clothes you would like to give me I will welcome both with open arms!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sucker for a love song!

So one of my favorite shows is Las Vegas and a couple of months ago JC Chasez (you girls know, from NSYNC) guest starred. Well he sang this song that I have become extremely obsessed with and I thought to myself, "all girls would love this song." It's a love song and so wonderful. Please watch and enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easter Outfit

We still have a week and a half until Easter but my mom bought Brennen his Easter outfit this year. He looks pretty handsome.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our little Doctors Visit

Ok so my camera is still MIA but fortunately for me, Kurt bought me a high class camera phone for Christmas and I can email myself pictures!! You may all think that is old news but I was quite impressed.

So the other night no one in the Wilson household slept all night, literally. I almost took Brennen to the ER because he wouldn't stop screaming. I took him in the doctor first thing in the morning and he has a double ear infection and an infection in the throat! NIGHTMARE!! So anyway all is good now he is on antibiotics and sleeping once more. So on the way home from the doctor I had to stop and get his prescription and I got suckered in at the pastry section. So me and Brennen shared a donut and this is the result. Messy but happy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

All moved in!!

Ok so I am in but my camera is currently lost in the move. I KNOW I KNOW!! You are thinking to yourselves right now, "She just keeps coming up with more excuses!" But trust you me people if I have to buy a new digital camera today we will be up and running tomorrow!! And Megan no more sassy attitudes from you young lady I will do your tag!!! My diaper bag is pretty empty and that makes me happy but in July I will have to carry a duffel bag around again. Sheesh!! Babies and their things. I can't even imagine what is in Heather's diaper bag with four babies, two of them TWINS!! Crazy!! Pictures tomorrow I swear!!