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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Miss Clovi Ann

So here she is! Thank you Marie for taking over in the begining. I picked Clovi because it's part of my grandma Maclovia's name whom I adore. She's a sweet little girl and sleeps alot which is nice plus she's out of my belly!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

She's Here!

Hello All!
This is Auntie Marie taking over for Marcia to update you all on Miss Clovi. She's here and doing great. So until I get up there and get some pictures for myself the cell phone pictures will have to do for now.

Marcia went to the hospital this morning at 7am to get induced. It was slow going at first. Kurt thought she's be here by noon but Marcia just laughed at him. I got a txt from Kurt around 3:40pm saying it took Marcia 2 pushes and she was here. So without futher adieu...

Clovi Ann Wilson
6lbs 14oz 19 1/2 in

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A quick post before the baby!

So these are completely out of order but who are we kidding I'm not spending the time to fix them I'm just glad I made it to the computer to even blog!

Kurt took Brennen four wheeling and of course poor little Ever was left out so we had a mommy daughter day and I took her to this petting zoo in Eden. She LOVED it!!

Here she is feeding the goats! She got pretty good I thought she would be scared but after a couple of tries she was a little pro.

The most important event of the outing was the horsey ride! And no people that is not a caveman walking beside my daughter, it is my brother Tyson who is going for a more rugged look apparently... He was my muscle for the outing since I am huge with child.
Here she is lovin on the horsey. Everything was a horse, the donkeys, cows, goats... you name it she was convinced she was with a horse.

On Sunday my house turned to the old west and a gun fight ensued, here are my children packin heat waiting to attack their dad and get em dead!

We got kittens! Why would you do that when you are about to have a baby you ask? Because I'm crazy and they were free! My children love them. The kittens actually run in horror when they see Ever and for good reason, she picks them up by their little throats and carries them everywhere. We're working on it, pray for these little ones. OH their names: The gray is Sapphire (named by Brennen after a dragon in a story I made up once) and the black is Shade, thank you Tracy! They are outside cats who currently reside in the garage until they get bigger, took to a litter box right away thank heavens! Oh and on a sad note our dog ran away, I like to think that he's enjoying life free since we can't find him...

This is Brennen's massive skull injury he decided to climb up on top of my parents picnic table outside and instead of climbing back down to just fall on his head, on the cement. Now my son has a pretty large forehead so you can imagine the size of this bugger. He's smiling only because a camera is on moments before and after this picture were taken was lots of tears and whining. Even hours later. Poor guy
Ahhhh all better, band aids cure all. Look at the size of it though... again large ouchie
This is how I frequently find my daughter, waiting to get her bum changed. Now if she could just sit on a potty she could read all the books she wants on there. Here's hoping the next few weeks we don't digress from our potty training progress.
Here we are at the hospital when our little nephew Jaxton was born we decided to have a little fun with the statues and camera, we had to wait awhile to meet him...

And here's the little tyke at on his birthday, but now he's already a month old. Go ahead and ask me how many times I've seen him since this day??? 3!! That's right people 3 times and he lives 15 minutes away lame!! Lame!