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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ever's Birthday in Bear Lake

We went to Bear Lake in July and it was wonderful!! We had everyone there and all were in good spirits, that's how I like to vacation! We started our trip off right with a HUMUNGUS house all to ourselves with full benefits of the resort just down the road. Our first official outing was a hike to Sunrise Point (I think that's it's name) Can you see the love between Brennen and his uncle Greg? It's a deep love that runs straight to the bone. You see this love all started when we made a trip down to California and Brennen realized he had some common interest with Greg while he (Greg) was sippin on a sprite and all Brennen had and I quote 'dumb water!' Ever and Natalie have had a connection since birth.

Isn't this picture of Ever and Eden funny!! Brennen in heaven in the water, we couldn't keep him out!

The beaches were really gross you had to wade out like 3 feet in goo before you found reasonable water so we bagged it after the first day and played in the pool the rest of the time. Time well spent. My child never smiles!

Ever had a princess party for her birthday. We played draw the nose on Flynn Ryder, pin the kiss on the frog prince, had a tea party.

Ever recieved this sweet carriage from her aunts which they colored themselves! And we had Princess tie dye cupcakes for dessert. Delicious!

She was so hilarious with her presents, she gasped at everything she got. Which was mostly makeup and hair accessories. We of course had to immediately apply said makeup.

We gave her the option of swimming or mini golf, she chose both so we did both!! Hey it's her birthday. As you can tell she would rather sit in a hole in a tree than play golf...

We finished the night off with paper lanterns and had a lighting ceremony on the kitchen floor. (It was too light outside and we had tired children from all the festivities)

The next day me and Ever snuck out real quick and snapped some pictures of her... Too dang cute!! One of the days we went and rented those limo bikes for what we thought would be a leisurely ride around town. My father however being the race enthuisist that he is put childrens lives in danger by jumping the curb and careening down the bank of the road to get past us. Kids were screaming, mom was repremanding, I was laughing cause I was in the other bike.

This picture here is one of DOZENS taken by Natalie and Ever...

Some delicious stops while there, can't go wrong at La Beau's OR the frozen yogurt shop. YUMMY!

Does this picture alarm anyone? Brennen sees this swing starts running for it and guess who shoved him out of the way to get to it first? Natalie! THEN HE PUSHES HER ON IT!! HAHA!!!! I don't think she feels any shame for that either....

Our last stop before leaving was the race carts. They were truely a blast! The owner is super accomodating and nice. Plus they don't rip you off, highly recommend!!!

Once again pops endangers the children. Rule number one of race carts no bumper cars! Especially with children on board. My father NEEDS to win so he rams Natalie with Ever on her lap and they spin out. Nice mohawk man lends a hand, for shame father for shame!!

What trip I wish we had trips like that all the time!! Bear Lake until next time my friend.


Megan said...

We were just at Bear Lake last weekend. Gotta love it there. I do not think that yogurt place is very tasty. But then again, I am a yogurt conissuer (sp?!) Love the KOA bikes - your dad is hilarious! Where is that go kart place? Ever's birthday looks like so much fun. And yay for Natalie. That is awesome!

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